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1. Can I start my own massage business upon completion of this course?
Yes you can. Upon completion of our Massage Course, it is possible to begin your career as a Massage Therapist. 

2. How much theory is included in the course?
The course covers all human body systems with an explanation on how they work. 

3. Do I also receive a massage?
Yes, every session you give and receive a massage. 

4. Do I need to practise massage during a massage course?
Yes, it is advisable to practise on friends or family members to remember the correct strokes. 

5. Do I learn only Relaxation massage?
No, this course is a combination of Relaxation and Swedish techniques. 

6. Is Indian head massage part of the course?
No, but there is a separate course, which runs for 3 weeks and also includes seated massage techniques. 

7. Is there an examination at the end?
The course requirements involve a short assignment during the course and a practical examination of the student’s skills at the end of the course. During each lesson there will be a review of what has been learnt.

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